The project “Iberian Center for Research and Fighting Forest Fires” (CILIFO) aims, through the expected results of its activities, to become a permanent center for the promotion and development of training, awareness, research and cooperation in fighting forest fires.

Duration: three years (01/01/2019 to 12/12/2021), and its objectives are:

– Strengthen and join cooperation, working procedures and training between the Forest Fire Prevention and Extinction devices in the cooperation area of the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion.

– To promote the creation of lasting and quality employment in the area.

– To reduce the economic cost of fires by creating a rural economy linked to the landscape.

– To improve the response capacity to forest fires of the administrations and authorities involved in fighting them in the three participating regions.

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Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg VA Spain-Portugal Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020, the GEFRECON project aims to promote Joint Forest Management with the objective of reducing the risk of forest fires in the POPTEP territory, addressing an issue of great concern in the cross-border territory, such as the management of climate-related risks, specifically the reduction of the risk of forest fires, through the mobilization of resources and promotion to achieve the management of forest territories.

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FireRS (acronym for wildFIRE Remote Sensing) aims to provide emergency agencies and/or coordination centers with an innovative tool for fire detection and management using new technologies. The new platform created in FireRS will offer near real-time information, GPS positioning, fire perimeter, infrared imagery, spread prediction, action protocols, etc. The suite consists of ground sensors, a dedicated picosatellite, a local and remote ground station, as well as a mission control center.

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The INFOCA Plan is the instrument that Junta de Andalucía has for defense against forest fires on forest land. This Plan has achieved great relevance and social significance, in response to the concern caused by these accidents, as well as the importance of defense against forest fires in the order of 4.4 million hectares of Andalusian natural heritage.

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The Service of Fire Prevention and Extinction of the Autonomous Community of Extremadura is a group of resources coordination in charge of ensuring the prevention and extinction of fires, for which it manages action plans in these two areas of activity related to forest fires in Extremadura.

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The general objective of the Civil Protection Plan for Forest Fire Emergencies in Castilla and León (INFOCAL) is to deal in an agile and coordinated way with the different emergency situations caused by forest fires that directly or indirectly affect the population and the forest massifs of the Autonomous Community of Castilla and León.

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The Plan for Prevention and Defense against Forest Fires in Galicia (PLADIGA) aims to establish the organization and procedure of action of the resources and services whose ownership corresponds to the Autonomous Community of Galicia, those assigned to it by the General State. Administration, as well as those that may be provided by other public or private entities for fighting forest fires in Galician territory, allowing, where appropriate, the coordination and joint action of the various services and administrations involved in fighting fires.

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