Good practices

FIREPOCTEP will not only improve the cooperation and coordination of firefighting personnel, but will also establish itself as an example of good practices aimed at the protection and promotion of the environment, which, in turn, allows for the creation of jobs and innovation in rural areas, supporting the local economy and landscape conservation.

The project aims to train and raise awareness among the fixed and occasional rural population about the risk of forest fires, good preventive practices, and self-protection resources in case of an incident, thus responding to its third specific objective. To this end, training actions will be carried out for citizens and joint tools will be created to facilitate risk management in the cooperation territory by capitalizing on the results, knowledge and good practices from previous projects.

The actions to be developed with their tasks are the following:

ACTION 2.1. Good preventive practices.

ACTION 2.2. Operational collaboration.

ACTION 2.3. Self-protection resources against urban interface wildfires.

ACTION 2.4. Design a participatory fire prevention strategy based on agricultural, livestock and forestry activities that restore a diverse and inhabited landscape with less risk of wildfire.